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We believe it should be easy to migrate

Where should I migrate?

Compare migration procedures and requirements across all Migreat’s supported countries. Benefit from a unique global migration platform in Arabic, English, French or Spanish and find the easiest way for you to enter a new country.

Support all the way

Make sure you’re not refused a visa or residence permit on a technicality. Get a free personalised migration to-do list and connect with Migreat’s partner lawyers that both speak your language and understand your situation.

Everything in one place

You do not need to visit another platform when planning to move, Migreat lets you find the easiest option. Create free personalised visa checklists, compare countries and find the next natural step to take.

Migrating should be easy

That is why we have developed a unique and powerful tool to help you find the easiest way to enter a country and integrate - for family, study or work reasons.

"The journey does not end after you have received your visa, it is only the start. We understand that settling in a new country can be difficult and that migrants often do not receive the support they require to integrate. We therefore created Migreat Communities, a sister platform to Migreat where you will be able to connect to your community and find all the information you need in order to integrate in a new country."

From migration to integration, we support you all the way.

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Key Partners

In all our supported countries we have partnered with selected legal advisors, job providers and education providers. We enable legal advisors to access pre-qualified potential clients, companies to connect with international talents and education providers to attract qualified students. In this way everyone wins!

We are constantly in the process of growing our network of selected partners and developing new innovative solution to match migrants with services they require.

Would you like to be part of it? Contact us today to find out how you can partner with Migreat and start accessing the hidden potential market for your organisation.

Migreat is authorised and regulated to provide immigration advice or services by the Immigration Services Commissioner, Registration number F201400828.


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