If your application is approved, you will be called to collect your visa.

Make sure it contains your correct personal and travel details: any incorrect information could prevent your entry once at the UK border.

The visa will contain:

  • Duration of your leave: start date (‘valid from…’) and expiry date (‘valid until….’)
  • Entry terms: single (01), multiple (MULT) or for a set number of times (02, 03….).
  • Visa category: each immigration category has a different colour of visa.
  • Conditions: permission to work or study in the UK and your sponsor’s data; permission to claim benefits or apply for government–funded accommodation (‘no recourse to public funds’)

At the Border

Once you arrive at the border (‘port of entry’), an immigration officer may ask you questions for your reasons for coming to the UK, despite you already having been granted a visa.

To this end, you should carry in your hand luggage copies of documents that you showed to the Entry Clearance Officer (e.g. evidence of funding, letters from your sponsor or businesses you are visiting, etc…).